Aquatic Food Studies 2021, Vol 1, Num, 2     (Pages: AFS72)

Production and Quality Assessment of Value-added Fast Foods by Using Low-cost Fish in Bangladesh

Shoriful Islam 1 ,MD. Jahirul Islam 2 ,Mustasim Famous 4 ,Mohammad Amzad Hossain 3 ,Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan 2

1 Khulna Agricultural University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Khulna, Bangladesh.
2 Sylhet Agricultural University, Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.
3 Sylhet Agricultural University, Department of Fish Biology and Genetics, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.
4 Khulna Agricultural University, Department of Livestock Production and Management, Khulna, Bangladesh.
DOI : 10.4194/AFS72 - This study was conducted to increase the perception of low-priced aquaculture fish by value addition and to evaluate the sensory, nutritional, and microbial quality of resulting products. Thai-Pangus was used as raw materials to prepare value added products such as fish ball, fish burger and fish singara and it was formulated by adding different ingredients with fish minced followed by cooking. Proximate composition of the prepared value-added products was determined to assess the nutritional quality. A panel of 10 members conducted sensory assessments of the products. Standard plate count method was used to estimate bacterial count. The highest moisture (65.29±0.38) and crude lipid (7.91±0.24) percentage were reported in fish ball, while highest (crude protein (19.13±0.37) percentage was estimated in fish burger (P<0.05). There was no significant (P<0.05) difference in ash content of the products. In both room and refrigerated storage temperatures, the bacterial count of all the products increased significantly as the storage time increased. Initial sensory scores of all fresh products were maximum but with the progress of storage period all the sensory qualities of the products were decreased especially at room temperature. However, refrigerated temperature (4°C) kept all the products' quality stable. Keywords : Fish ball Fish burger Fish Singara Sensory assessment Bacterial count