Aquatic Food Studies 2021, Vol 1, Num, 2     (Pages: AFS47)

Extraction, Characterization and Utilization of Fish Protein Concentrate

Mahesh C. Phadtare 1 ,Rahul C. Ranveer 1 ,Nikheel B. Rathod 1 ,Shrikant T. Sharangdhar 2 ,Shrikant B. Swami 1 ,Vivek R. Vartak 1 ,Jayappa M. Koli 2 ,Surendra B. Patange 1

1 DBSKKV, Post Graduate Institute of Post Harvest Management, Killa-Roha, Dist. Raigad, Dapoli, India
2 DBSKKV, College of Fisheries, Department of Fish Processing Technology and Microbiology, Shirgaon, Ratnagiri, Dapoli, India
DOI : 10.4194/AFS47 - Progress in investigation for extraction of fish protein concentrate (FPC) by different solvents (acetone, isopropyl alcohol and hexane: ethanol azeotropic mixture as Canadian, British and Indian method) of pink perch (Nemipterus spp.) analyzed for their functional properties and further utilized in developing value added product. FPC extracted by isopropyl alcohol was superior with significantly (P<0.05) highest protein, lowest moisture and fat content. Significantly (P<0.05) superior viscosity (118.37 cP), Protein solubility (84.40%), Emulsification capacity (68.53%), Emulsification stability (60.92%), Foaming capacity (140.01%), Foaming stability (121.70%) and Water holding capacity (25.35 mL/g) for isopropyl alcohol compared with other solvents. Due to typical fishy odor fish meat replaced with FPC (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 %) in fish finger formulation with FPC incorporation at 10% levels were most acceptable. Strong linearity (R2) for changes biochemical values (R2>0.96) and microbiological values (R2=0.9705) were found. Sensory evaluation had a negative correlation (R2>0.814) during storage suggesting shelf life of 11 days. Suggesting utilization of low value fishes for extraction of high quality proteins and their application for development of novel foods. Keywords : Fish protein concentrate, Pink perch, Fish fingers, Functional properties, Biochemical changes