Aquatic Food Studies 2022, Vol 2, Num, 2     (Pages: AFS109)

Quality Assessment of Dried Striped Dwarf Catfish, Mystus vittatus in the North-Eastern Region of Bangladesh

Md. Mehedy Hasan 1 ,Md. Jakiul Islam 1 ,Md. Abu Sayeed 1 ,Md. Atick Chowdhury 2 ,Mohammad Abu Jafor Bapary 1 ,Md. Ashraf Hussain 1

1 Sylhet Agricultural University, Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries Technology and Quality control, Sylhet- 3100, Bangladesh
2 Sylhet Agricultural University, Faculty of Fisheries, Fish Biology and Genetics, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh
DOI : 10.4194/AFS109 - Dried fish is a popular and in-demand fish food item in Bangladesh, and it is regarded to be the most cost-effective form of nutritional protein, which helps to alleviate malnutrition among the disadvantaged people. A consumer survey reported a slew of concerns regarding the physical, visual, and organoleptic aspects of market available sun-dried fish. The current study evaluated the organoleptic, nutritional, and microbiological quality of dried striped dwarf catfish, Mystus vittatus, which is one of the most popular dried fish in Bangladesh. To highlight the quality disparities among the samples, an experimental sample was made in the laboratory with the utmost hygiene and sanitation. Experimental samples had the highest features score than marketed ones, according to organoleptic analysis. Except for moisture and ash content, the experimental sample had greater mean lipid, protein, crude fiber, and nitrogen-free-extract (NFE) values. The mean (±SD) moisture content of the experimental, drying yard and market sample were 19.82±1.7, 21.44±2.7 and 24.3±1.4%; lipid content were 12.30±2.12, 10.54±1.76 and 9.04±2.41%; protein content were 43.01±.10, 41.74±.79 and 39.67±3.18%; ash content were 16.11±1.70, 17.91±3.70 and 20.77±3.24%; crude fiber content were 1.78±.08, 1.56±.08 and 1.54±.13% and NFE content were 7.01±1.08, 6.80±.77 and 4.67±1.01%, respectively. The mean Total Plate Count (TPC) of dried M. vittatus from the experiment, drying yard, and market samples, respectively, was 4.51±0.11, 5.33±0.25, and 6.39±0.18 log cfu g-1. The results show that commercially manufactured dried striped dwarf catfish has low organoleptic, nutritional, and microbiological quality. Commercially manufactured dried fish requires improved hygiene and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to ensure consumer safety and health. Keywords : Dry fish; Proximate composition; Sensory quality, Microbiological quality, Mystus vittatus