Aquatic Food Studies 2021, Vol 1, Num, 1

Fish Protein and Its Derivatives: Functionality, Biotechnology and Health Effects

Esen Alp-Erbay 1 ,Ahmet Faruk Yeşilsu 1

1 Central Fisheries Research Institute, Vali Adil Yazar Cad. No:14, Kaşüstü, Trabzon, Turkey DOI : 10.4194/AFS-13 - Animal derived proteins provide the essential amino acid requirements of a healthy diet. Among animal proteins, fish proteins have a well-balanced amino acid composition that are imperative for beneficial synthesizing and utilizing proteins in the body. Lack or low levels of any amino acid reduce the other amino acid utilization proportionately. This is why plant-derived proteins are potentially at a disadvantage for use in the body since they have relatively low levels of the essential amino acids methionine and lysine. Health studies have revealed that fish protein is suggested as a weight-loss diet to obese patients. Keywords : Myofibrillar proteins Nitrogenous compounds Processing methods Sarcoplasmic proteins